Is sublimation printing new to you? Not sure which is the best sublimation printer for beginners to buy for the first time, or maybe unsure if the quality will be good enough. It sometimes becomes a hassle when you go through online and try to find the product that you need because of the many varieties and a large number of products present on the market.

Fear not! We have created this guide with everything beginners need in mind.

Sublimation printing may appear to be standard printing on paper, but it is far different from this. Selecting the best dye-sublimation printer for beginners and novices is not an easy task as there are various alternatives with different models and brands available in the market.

An excellent approach to see how good your printer is and what value it is to buy is by looking at how well the layout can function with different printing materials. The main objectives for designing a dye sublimation printer are to deliver fantastic assistance when you want to create worthwhile dye-printed products. 

With our expert analysis and reviews, we brought out the list of printers that fits your needs as well as your budget.

Our Top PickEditor’s Choice

Epson Workforce WF 7710

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4.4/5 Our Score


  • Print Resolution: 4880*2400 dpi
  • Printer Volumn: 13″*19″
  • Warrenty: 3 years

The Workforce WF 7710, is a wide format color inkjet printer, an excellent model introduced by EPSON. With its all-in-one functionality it is an ideal choice for starters to begin sublimating with the least cost. Epson WF 7710 offers a range of dye-sublimation options for a very competitive price that may make you fall in love with this printer soon.

Comparison Table

Button to buy sublimation printer Epson Workforce WF 7710
Epson Workforce WF 7710
  • Print Resolution: 4800*2140
  • Printing Speed: 18ppm in black and 10ppm in colors
  • Printer Volumn: 13″*19″
  • Copy/Scan/Fax: Yes
Button to buy Best beginners  sublimation printer Epson Workforce Wf 7720
Epson Workforce Wf 7720
  • Print Resolution: 4880*2400
  • Printing Speed: Black: 18 ISO ppm†; Color: 10 ISO ppm†
  • Printer Volumn: 13″*19″
  • Copy/Scan/Fax: Yes
Button to buy printer for beginners EPSON ECOTANK ET 4760
  • Print Resolution: 4800*1200
  • Printing Speed: 15 ppm in Black and 8 ppm in Color
  • Printer Volumn: 8.5″*47.2″
  • Copy/Scan/Fax: yes

List of 11 Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners in 2023

  1. Epson Workforce 7710- Best for Wide and borderless Printing- Editor’s choice
  2. Epson Workforce WF 7720 – Best Multifunctional Dye-Sub Printer
  3. EPSON ECOTANK ET 4760- All-in-One Cartridge-Free Supertank Sublimation Printer
  4. Epson HD XP-15000 – Sublimation Printer with Wide Format
  5. Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 – Specially Built For Sublimation Printing
  6. Canon Selphy CP1300- Best Compact Sublimation Printer in 2023
  7. Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S
  8. Brother HL-L2320D Mono Laser Printer
  9. Kodak Dock PD-450- Portable Best Sublimation Printer For Young and Teens
  10. Epson Artisan 1430 Inkjet printer
  11. Epson Eco-tank ET-3760- Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners with Cartridge-Free Supertank
Button to buy Best sublimation printer for beginners Epson Workforce WF 7710
Epson Workforce WF 7710
  • Borderless prints up to 13″*19″
  • Scans up to 11″ x 17″
  • 250-sheet capacity
  • Copy, Scan and Fax
  • 35-pages Auto Document Feeder
  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet/NFC
  • Benefits:
  • High printing speed
  • Both wired and wireless connectivity
  • Printing technology Precision Core
  • Less Energy power
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Button to buy Best sublimation printer for beginners Epson Workforce Wf 7720Epson Workforce Wf 7720
  • Prints up to 13″*19″
  • 500-sheet capacity
  • 35-pages Auto Document
  • Print, Copy, Scan and Fax
  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet/NFC
  • Benefits:
  • Quick and accurate printing
  • Touch Screen Display 4.3-inch
  • 3 Separate input trays
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Button to buy Best sublimation printer for beginners EPSON ECOTANK ET 4760EPSON ECOTANK ET 4760
  • Prints up to 8.5 x 47.2″
  • 250-sheet capacity
  • 30-pages Auto Document
  • Print, Copy, Scan and Fax
  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet/NFC
  • Benefits:
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Wireless connection and voice activation
  • Touch screen display
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Button to buy  Epson HD XP-15000Epson HD XP-15000
  • Prints up to 8.5 x 47.2″
  • 250-sheet capacity
  • Print, Copy, Scan and Fax
  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet/NFC
  • Benefits:
  • Ultra- high definition Photo Quality
  • Dual-sided Auto Printing
  • Save 90 percent of ink
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Button to buy Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500
  • Prints up to 11″*17″
  • 110-sheets capacity
  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet/NFC
  • Benefits:
  • High-Quality printing
  • Self-maintenance mode
  • Use a Backlit panel to enhance visibility
  • Low running costs
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Button to buy  Canon Selphy CP1300 Canon Selphy CP1300
  • Prints up to 148 x 100mm in approxi .47 sec
  • 108-sheets capacity
  • Print
  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet/NFC
  • Benefits:
  • Excellent Quality printing
  • Multiple choices Layout
  • Competitive Printing costs
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Button to buy Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-SMitsubishi CP-K60DW-S
  • Prints up to 2 x 6″ and 6 x 8″
  • 360-sheets capacity
  • Print
  • Benefits:
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Highly reliable
  • Compact size
  • Resume less energy
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Button to buy  Brother HL-L2320D Mono Laser PrinterBrother HL-L2320D Mono Laser Printer
  • Prints up to 2000
  • 250-sheets capacity
  • Scan
  • Benefits:
  • light-Weighted
  • Simple Setup
  • Both wired and wireless connectivity
  • Mobile Device printing
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Button to buy Best sublimation printer for beginners Kodak Dock PD-450Kodak Dock PD-450
  • 120-sheets capacity
  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet/NFC
  • Benefits:
  • Fast Printing
  • Prints are Water-proof
  • Android and iOS Compatibility
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Button to buy Best sublimation printer for beginners Epson Artisan 1430Epson Artisan 1430
  • Prints up to 13*19
  • 120-sheets capacity
  • Print
  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet/NFC
  • Benefits:
  • High-Quality Images
  • Variety of connectivity option
  • Outstanding photo replication
  • Six colors ink
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Button to buy Best sublimation printer for beginners Epson Ecotank ET-3760Epson EcoTank ET-3760
  • Printing resolution 4800 x 1200
  • Borderless Prints up to 8.5″*11″
  • Print Speed 15 ppm (Black) 8 ppm (Color)
  • Voice Activation
  • 2-Year Product Protection
  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet/NFC
  • Benefits:
  • True Cartridge-free Printhead
  • Zero Cartridge Waste
  • 3 Save up to 90% on replacement ink costs
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Reviews of Best Sublimation Printer For Beginners

Without any further delay, Let’s move directly toward the best sublimation printer reviews for beginners.

1- Epson Workforce 7710- Best for Wide and borderless Printing- Editor’s choice

Epson-workforce-WF-7710-best-sublimation-printer for beginners

Our number one pick is The Workforce WF 7710, an excellent model introduced by EPSON. This printer is an ideal choice for starters to begin sublimating with the least cost. The Epson WF 7710 and WF7720 both printers seem identical and share many similar features, but Epson Model WF 7710 has only one tray with the capacity to contain up to 250 sheets. 

For the fan of dye-sublimation, one may fall in love with this printer instantly, mainly for its perfect body suited to accomplish all types of sublimation work at an affordable price.

In particular, It supports a large variety of paper media. So you don’t need to confine yourselves to specific printing sizes since your printer can manage them. Moreover, when you require a printer that accepts many intermediate materials, this printer will be the best choice.

However, the reason behind WF 7710 as the best sublimation printer for beginners is its high-density print chip, with a capacity of 40 million dots a second that gives outstanding color accuracy at incredible speed. Now you can expect highly professional and quality print only with Epson WF 7710.

Additionally, this model of Epson features NFC connectivity, which allows external connectivity to the printer, unlike a regular printer. It comes up with an easy conversion kit that will enable you to install a rear paper feeder. In addition, You can easily use this sublimation printer with an iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or any other android phone with ultimate wireless printing connectivity.

What else? This printer will never waste your paper and allows dual-side automated printing, making it convenient to handle many jobs in time.

  • Four ink cartridges include DURABrite.
  • Printing technology Precision Core.
  • Allows both wired and wireless connectivity features 
  • Incredibly high printing speed.
  • Supports variety of paper format
  • Less energy power
  • In specific broad-format projects, it requires a lot of ink.
  • It is hard to align the cartridges.

2- Epson Workforce WF 7720 Best Multifunctional Dye-Sub Printer

Epson Workforce WF 7720 best sublimation Printer for beginners

If you are on a budget and want to save money, the Epson WF 7720 is a viable answer to your testing requirements! 

The WF-7720 is an entry-level dye-sub printer that performs exceptionally well at a relatively cheap cost, making it the best multifunctional sublimation printer, particularly suitable for T-shirt printing. If you own a small creative company, WF-7720 is the one to select.

Its most appealing feature is its large 4.3-inches LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) touchscreen. That delivers sharp and clear imagery and has a beautiful sensitivity to the touch. All functions of the printer may be controlled from this panel. This makes printing quite simple to do.

While comparing both the models of Epson, WF 7710, and WF 7720, their only difference lies in their capacities of holding paper sheets. The Epson WF 7720 is the apparent victor if you want to increase the printing capacity, especially paper-sheet capacity. The Epson WF 7710 will be a fantastic alternative if you don’t require the extra paper sheet capacity. This relies mainly on what your printing requirements are. Now by knowing their difference, we hope you can make a reasonable judgment.

Moreover, Epson Workforce WF 7720 is mainly designed to handle frequent printing. It prints at a speed of 18 paper per min (ppm). It features wide-area formatting up to 13 inches x 19 inches and scans up to 11 inches x 17 inches. WF-7720 also offers a 4.3 inches LCD touchscreen display with easy-to-read navigation. Above all, with Wi-Fi connectivity options, connection to a network is easy and works with several smartphones and tablets.

  • Wide-format quick and accurate printing
  • Auto duplex ADF (Auto document feeder) and scanner
  • 4.3-inch touch screen display 
  • Features 3 separate input trays
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
  • The cost per page is relatively high.
  • Graphics printing should be better.

3- EPSON ECOTANK ET 4760- All-in-One Cartridge-Free Supertank Sublimation Printer

Epson EcoTank ET-4760 best sublimation printer for beginners

Epson Ecotank ET 4760, another model from Epson, comes next on our list. ET 4760 is a decent printer overall, but It is for you, especially if you dislike refilling the printer ink regularly. Rather than using standard ink cartridges, ET 4760 features four separate ink tanks, which you replenish quickly once empty. Moreover, The cost per printout of the Epson ET-4760 is relatively cheap. The ink bottles are not too costly. Even if you print extremely extensively, the running cost will still be below.

With its high-speed printing, you might be able to print considerable chunks in minimal time. Its compact design not only looks elegant and appealing but also is suitable for commercial purposes. It does come up with a sheetfed automated document feeder (ADF) flat-bed and plate scanner to scan multiple documents at once but does not scan duplex, which means you can only scan one side. It also features integrated fax. 

With its excellent capabilities, Epson ET-4760 utilizes the Epson iPrint app. You may immediately print, scan and copy from the application, do service activities like firmware upgrades or clean the printhead and check the ink levels.

Moreover, Wireless printing and many more fascinating features that might improve print quality and efficiency are included in this sublimation printer.

If we talk about its drawback, ET4760 isn’t the most significant thing to print while printing papers and photographs, too. It seldom produces colors correctly.

  • Print, copy, and fax
  • Low running cost
  • Lightweight and compact 
  • Wireless connection and voice activation
  • Cartridge free
  • Touch screen display
  • The color precision is disappointing.
  • Photo printing quality is just okay.

4- Epson HD XP-15000 – Best Sublimation Printer for Newbies with Wide Format

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 best Sublimation printer for beginners

An additional Epson model on our list, Epson XP-15000, is a professional photographer’s dream. With its large-frame capacity, It prints ultra-high resolution (5760*1440) borderless photographs. The colors it generates are incredibly realistic, making this printer an excellent choice for fabric and photograph printing.

This Epson XP 15000, high-grade model printer features PrecisionCore technology which means a high-density print chip, provides you fantastic print precision by creating about 40 million accurate dots per second at incredible speed. Moreover, the XP 15000 is regarded as the best color and monochrome pages printer produced with the same speed.

However, the printer is compact, despite the wide-format capabilities. Since it’s extra assistance you get in directing your installations, and 2.4 inch LCD display allows you to get further control of your material experiences. Its 6-Claria dye Ink function creates an ongoing blend of designs, which may provide a luminous look to your cloth when skillfully applied.

Unlike typical printers with multiple cables for connectivity, Epson 15000 is a standard model with a simple wireless print technology to improve printing performance and efficiency. 

We recommend this cheap sublimation printer for novices and beginners, as it is not perfect for handling much printing work. Moreover, rather than a touchscreen, the interface features push buttons that might be strange for you.

  • Enables low-cost bottle ink replenishment
  • Save 90 percent of ink
  • Hands-free, voice-activated printing. 
  • Wi-Fi Ethernet
  • Dual-sided auto printing
  • Ultra- high definition photo quality
  • No digital display screen
  • Only compatible to use with Epson cartridges
  • Don’t have scanner and fax option

5-Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 – Specially Built For Sublimation Printing

Sawgrass Sg 500 best sublimation Printer for beginners

The Sawgrass 500 printers are specially designed for sublimation printing. They feature many benefits for users, such as Creative Studio with many free sublimation designs and templates, video demonstrations, plug-and-play technology, 24/7 technical support, and warranties. 

The only reason not to select SAW500 as Editor’s choice is its “High price tag” compared to Epson, Sawgrass printers are relatively high in price. If you have a healthy budget and are sure to do sublimation printing for a long time, we highly recommend you go with Sawgrass 500. As mentioned earlier, it is specially designed for sublimation printing. 

As for its precursor, the SG400, its diminutive dimensions, and strong durability are fully refurbished from the bottom up. In addition, a faster processor includes this best-quality sublimation printer, which saves you time. The SG500 also needs less energy to reduce your cost and allows both wired and wireless connections. That indicates that you may acquire beautiful jobs more efficiently at a comparable cost as the previous model.

The SG500 has an automatic maintenance cycle like other Sawgrass sublimation printers to assure flawless printing. With 24 months warranty and 24/7 technical support, The SG500 offers you complete tranquillity for the printer’s lifespan.

  • Creative Studio
  • Self-maintenance mode
  • Low running costs 
  • High-quality printing
  • Use a backlit panel to enhance visibility.
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • 100% cotton heat transfer is not compatible with e Sublijet ink.
  • Sublimation paper and suitable ink are both expensive.

6-Canon Selphy CP1300- Best Compact Sublimation Printer in 2023

Canon SELPHY CP1300 best sublimation printer for beginners

The sixth in our list of best printer for starters, The Canon Selphy CP1300, is a future intervention of the Canon CP1200. It preserves the mobility, the diversity of connections, and the high print quality of its predecessor, the CP1200. It can print photographs with unique colors in one minute with the thermal sublimation method. The CP1300 also offers the capabilities to correct the ID photographs — like passport photos.

The printer comes with a 3.2″ Liquid Crystal Display monitor to see a menu and sample pictures. Several buttons will be needed to traverse the menu as its LCD is not a touch screen, regrettably.

In addition, the Canon Selphy CP1300 application is one of the simplest and quickest wireless installations, enabling wireless printing on smartphones. The Mopria Print Services are also available to Android users. It may be easily connected both Wirelessly or wired to PCs and suitable cameras. This printer offers almost all options. It includes a 12 months warranty with InstantExchange Program.

Apart from the several layouts, the CP1300 has the possibility of selecting a border or borderless printing. You may add shooting dates to photographs to make them more memorable. Moreover, Cropping, skin-smoothing, brightness/contrast/color adjustments, and red-eye correction can quickly be made through CP1300. While you like the smooth and brilliant surface in the standard settings, a surface pattern can be added to make the appearance less glittery.

Overall, The Selphy Canon CP1300 provides good money value. Despite its compact size, the CP1300 has the quality and functionality of a ‘professional’ digital printer.

  • Very excellent quality printing
  • Multiple choices for layout
  • Various possibilities for connection 
  • Competitive printing costs
  • No touch screen
  • It might be slow to operate
  • Requires additional purchase of batteries for genuine portability
  • Does not contain a USB cord compatible

7-Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S

Another compact colored photo printer from the Mitsubishi series, CP-K60DW-S, is on our list. The CP-K60DW-S is almost identical to the CP-D70DW in terms of weight, size, and design. It uses heat transfer techniques to create prints. It is compact, lightweight, and requires less space to install. We highly recommend this printer for professional photographers and event photographers.

It is capable of generating 4 x 6″ pictures in just 20 sec. Its printer also features two high-quality modes, i.e., Ultrafine and fine; with these two settings, you will be able to produce high-quality photographs at a resolution of 300×300 dots per inch. Moreover, the images created by CP-K60DW-S have a laminated coating that can prevent color bleeding.

The CP-K60DW-S includes some really unique features, such as an ink rewind feature that may help you enhance your printing skills by restarting the belt to utilize the whole area. The print head operates smoothly and delivers steady print quality with double line heads and thermal head control.

Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S Photo Printers are specially designed to minimize energy consumption by approximately to 96percent compared to previous generations of printers. Standby power refers to less consumption by the printer or electric appliances when switching off or in standby mode. It can Save energy usage of less than 1 watt in the sleep mode.

The internal storage of up to 32 Mb is also provided by CP-K60DW-S. This printer is Instagram-friendly and also supports a 1:1 aspect ratio. Although it does not support Wi-Fi, either PCs or Macs and PCs with USB 2.0 ports are compatible.

  • Ink rewind feature
  • Matte finishing
  • Easy to maintain and highly reliable 
  • Allows multiple media
  • Compact size
  • resume less energy
  • Wi-Fi not supported
  • The tray is quite slippery

8-Brother HL-L2320D Mono Laser Printer

Brother developed the HL-L2360DW, a monochrome laser printer with high speed and paper handling, ideal for small offices. The Brother HL-L2360DW is small enough to fit on a desk but has the speed and paper handling capabilities to satisfy the demands of most micro offices. Our evaluations’ overall quality was slightly below average; it might be improved, but it is still appropriate for most commercial purposes. It’s a fantastic choice for home use or as a shared printer in a tiny or micro workplace, for whatever reason.

HL-L2360DW printers can be shared easily by a small office through Internet and Wi-Fi. The printer can also be accessed from your smartphone directly using Wi-Fi Direct. You may, however, connect directly to a single desktop or laptop computer via a USB cable. Brother’s free mobile print app allows you to use wireless direct or a wireless access point to print. If your network is connected to the Internet, you can print from the cloud.

As previously stated, the HL-output L2360DW’s quality is inferior to that of its competitors. Although it falls short of the requirement for a monochrome laser, the text quality is acceptable for most commercial purposes. A laser printer’s text is better than most inkjet printers, which is a blessing. I wouldn’t suggest this printer for high-end desktop publishing unless you have a specific need for small fonts.

The visual output spectrum of most monochromatic lasers is quite limited. This isn’t the ideal option if you want to have a good impression on a consumer. The images’ quality is typical of their genre. Web pages may be printed with recognizable photos, resulting in a quality equivalent to a newspaper.

  • The size is tiny.
  • The weight is light.
  • The setup is simple. 
  • Both wired and wireless connections are supported.
  • Allows users to print directly from their cellphones.
  • The output quality is low.

9-Kodak Dock PD-450- Portable Best Sublimation Printer For Young and Teens

Next in our list of reviews is Kodak Dock PD-450. Whenever we think of making photos and films, the first brand that comes to our mind is Kodak, which has a long-lasting history of producing outstanding films, photographs, and imaging hardware.

Fortunately, Kodak produced a high-quality compact printer that functions phenomenally in a lot of scenarios and circumstances. The Kodak PD-450 may be easy to set up for printing. Beginners, especially Teenagers and young people, can get tremendous value, mainly by having a portable picture during gatherings and parties.

Kodak is advertising the image paper to be both fingerprint-proof and waterproof. It comes up with 10 Kodak paper sheets designed explicitly for Kodak’s printer and will not readily function with the standard printers. However, when the image is taken from the printer, it’s good to have an additional retaining place on each sheet. Moreover, each sheet includes pierced edges so that the print may be easily handled once done.

It’s fast and effortless to print from your smartphone or tablet using Kodak Photo Printer App. Within the application, the user has the opportunity to edit pictures, apply filters as well. You can even use wacky stickers, emojis, or text bubbles to edit or tweak the photographs you desire. 

The Kodak Dock (PD-450) features a robust design that is stronger than we imagined. It will not slip away easily due to its extra weight from a desk or platform.

 This compact picture printer is only available in 4X6 prints but maybe a significant hit at a party and an ideal alternative to printing at an online or local store.

  • One-touch print
  • Fast printing and instant dry
  • Prints are fingerprint-proof  
  • Prints are Waterproof
  • Single ink cartridge
  • Print wirelessly or while docked
  • Android and iOS compatibility
  • Just a bit sluggish.
  • The prices might be lowered by consumer goods.

10-Epson Artisan 1430 Inkjet printer

The 1430 Epson Artisan is another explosion from a previous printer that might seem a bit archaic, but it was signed up to date in its day. Nevertheless, this specialist printer can produce unique, high-quality prints from its six-color ink system, which still competes with current printers.

We know many of you prefer printer speed. Still, here we have selected Artisan 1430 best sublimation printer for beginners, as photograph sublimation printers because of their high-quality print, not speed. Artisan 1430 print speed is approximately 3 paper/min on both colored and monochrome sheets. It’s scandalously slow, but remember that it’s about the printer’s quality, and it’s the most incredible cardstock printer.

The Artisan 1430 provides up to 13 inches x 19 inches vivid, ultra-definitive and borderless prints. It is sufficiently large to print on shirts and hoods. However, smaller patterns are allowed to be published in 46 sec, depending on the size and color intensity of the design.

The Inkjet Printers of Epson Artisan 1430 are exceptionally well equipped for printing and are among the finest in photo quality. Replication of a color photo on photographic paper or matt paper achieved outstanding results. The Epson Artisan 1430 produces superb photographs and designs resistant to mud, scratch, water, and fades when combined with high-quality ink cartridges.

The Epson Artisan 1430 paper feeder has a capacity of 100 single-paper sheets and up to 30 specific or fine art medium sheets. The product guarantee is one year, usually good, and maybe extended if needed.

  • Wide-format
  • Outstanding photo replication
  • Variety of connectivity option  
  • Six colors ink
  • High-quality images
  • Media card slots not available
  • Slow printing speed
  • High running cost

11-Epson Eco-tank ET-3760- Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners with Cartridge-Free Supertank

epson et 3760 best sublimation printer for beginners

Epson EcoTank ET-3760 is another option that we have included in our list of best sublimation printer for beginners, featuring simplicity and eco-friendliness. The ET-3760 wireless all-in-one printer is a novel printing solution. This Epson model comes up with a super tank ink system that eliminates the hassle of buying new ink cartridges. Additionally, with three years of printing on each tank, you will enjoy peace of mind!

Additionally, with Epson ET-3760, you won’t have to replace paper as often with its 150 sheets of paper, allowing you to print on while minimizing paper waste. 

Test results showed that it could print both monochrome and color documents. This printer will save you money over time since the cost per print is low, but unfortunately, the color accuracy of Ecotank ET-3760 isn’t great, so you should go for Epson Workforce 7710 if you’re interested in printing high-quality photos.

Somehow, the printing speed of the ET-3760 is slower than those of many other sublimation printers. According to Epson, the monochrome speed is 15ppm, and the color speed is 8ppm, but it’s still good for beginners as far as performance is concerned.

Thanks to its voice-activated printing, you can print a wide range of projects and documents efficiently. Plus, a 2-year limited warranty with product registration provides the best possible protection.

  • Prints up to 2 years
  • Save up to 90% on ink replacement
  • Voice activated printing
  • Minimize paper wastage
  • Low operating cost
  • Slow speed
  • Flash memory not supported
  • Lacks touch-screen
  • Difficult to navigate

Buying Guide

When you buy any dye sublimation printer for the first time, it might be pretty challenging for you to select the right one. But You need not worry. This buying guide will assist you in understanding what parameters you should consider before buying any sublimation printer.

There are always a few things to keep in mind, precisely when you want to purchase a costly item or buy any technological product like product specifications, benefits, and disadvantages.

Here we will list all the critical factors of printers that might build up your more profound understanding.

Printing Speed

The print resolution of the printer influences the printing speed. When high-quality pictures are produced, the speed of the printer falls substantially.

Before buying an ideal printer for sublimation, compare the speed of the printer and its resolution. Regarding personal use, resolution prevails above speed, but consider both feature speed and resolution when purchasing a printer for commercial purposes.

For your efficiency and performance, printing speed is crucial. If you choose a fast-speed printer, you will accomplish the bulk of orders in no time. You might have to invest some more money, in this case, on high-end printing to get your back to its best.

Dual-Side Printing

Selecting a printer featuring a dual-sided printing option helps reduce the expense of using sublimation paper and safeguards the environment.

Dual side printing improves efficiency and saves you time.

Printing Volume

As the speed of the printer, Printing Volume is also a crucial factor in your career success. Print volume refers to how many pages or sheets your printer can manage comfortably and consistently within 30 days. Not every printer can handle a certain number of jobs.

Printer Resolution

We can get high-quality prints only with high-resolution printers. The higher the resolution, the higher will be the print quality. It refers to the dot density of the picture and is calculated in DPI ( dots per image). It is generally recommended to check the printer’s resolution before buying a sublimation printer. However, High-resolution pictures take much more time to print than low-resolution pictures. For professional photographs, always choose the high resolution, and for printing papers, letters, newsletters, low-resolution printers work nicely.


In the U.S and all around the world, Epson and Sawgrass are well-known dye-sublimation printer brands making the best printers suitable for sublimation printing. In terms of reliability, Experts also recommend Brother, Canon, and Mitsubishi as the best sublimation printers for beginners.

Connectivity Options

Be cautious while selecting the printer, Sublimation printers are now available with a variety of connection choices. We recommend you check them before buying them, and make sure that your printer chosen offers wired and wireless connectivity options ( USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth). In the above-mentioned list of best sublimation printer for beginners 2023, we have selected all upgraded models that are supported by Windows and Mac.

All-in-one Functionality

For beginners, It is best to buy a printer with All-in-one functions ( Scanning, copying, and printing). 


It is recommended to check the warranty of the printer before buying. The guarantee may range from 1 month to 24 months or more, depending upon your purchasing brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We, however, consider the Epson WF 7710 as the best sublimation printer for beginners. But you may select your one as per your budget or printer’s speed, resolution, volume, and connectivity option.

A printer having a speed of less than 20 ppm will be considered slow. The average range of printing speed is 20ppm- 40ppm, while rates beyond 40 ppm can be adequate for high volume use.

Average modern sublimation printers are typically 1200 x 1440 dpi in resolution. If you don’t want to print photographs more prominent than 5″ x 7″, this is a decent enough resolution.

Their computation is a little different, although the two sound comparable. Ppm estimates the printing speed of a typical text page, the calculation does not include graphics and complicated pictures. Pictures per minute are regarded as a more precise means of measuring print speed as they are calculated using the same common standard of Microsoft Word, Spreadsheet, and Adobe test pages. It depends on the model of the printer to determine the ppm or ipm used by your printer.

The type and size of media highly affect the printing speed of printers. If you want to print a large PDF document, the printer takes time to print compared to a simple word document. The printing speed will get slower if the file contains color photos or images and graphics.

Disperse dyes or (dye-sub-ink) are used for dye-Sublimation printing. These are particular kinds of ink that bind to polyester fabric easily because, at high temperatures, they can changes from solid to gaseous form.

For around $1000, you can begin sublimation printing, especially if you’re able to do some background research to discover the best offers!

No, we would not recommend you to do that. It might mess with your colors corrections and perhaps with your printer.

After using ordinary ink, you may convert to sublimation ink back and forth, but it is recommended to clean the entire system using a cleaning kit.

The ordinary paper will not be suitable for sublimation printing because the standard paper is less reducible than sublimation paper. It takes more heating time to create a clear picture. Furthermore, it might also impact the quality of the final images. 

While sublimating fabric material (t-shirts or garments), heat transfer would be a better option to adopt, but remember, dye sublimation can be applied on both soft and rigid media.

A white or light-colored print area is required for sublimation goods. Surfaces having black or dark in the color background cannot be sublimated. If the item is continually exposed to direct sunshine, it may fade down the color over time due to the influence of UV radiation.


In the end, choices are all yours! But we tried our best to list out the 11 top best sublimation printer for beginners available in the market today. We truly hope that our expert reviews and complete buying guide will help you consider any of the above-listed printers.

We strongly suggest these; if you have a healthy budget and get a Sawgrass sublimation printer, then go for Sawgrass SG 500. But if you are on a budget and merely start dye sublimation printing, then Epson 7710 is a suitable choice. Go with Epson Workforce WF-7710 and start sublimating today!

Epson WF 7710 will save your budget, time and boost your business!

So, now we’re winding down this article. We wish to clarify that no product is perfect and that each product has advantages and disadvantages. Try choosing the one that will best satisfy your needs.

For queries or suggestions on printers listed above, please leave a comment below, and we will reply as soon as possible.

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