How To Apply Sublimation Transfers With Iron

Want to sublimate items but don’t have a heat press machine? Don’t worry; you can now quickly sublimate items using your household iron. Yet, there may be questions about How to apply sublimation transfers with iron.

Fear not! We have come up with a comprehensive guideline.

What Can Be Sublimated by Using a Regular Iron?

As soon as you get your heat-press and your sublimation kit, you can start sublimating anything. We can get the required result by using a household iron during sublimation instead of a heat press. You may wonder, however, what household items can be sublimated without a heat press.
If you need to sublimate tiny objects immediately, you can use a regular household iron to do so. Using an iron to sublimate a t-shirt is pretty straightforward, and you’ll get the results you want.
Cotton is the best material to sublimate by using iron. But there are various other items that you can sublimate using iron, such as:

  • Mugs 
  • T-shirts 
  • Bracelets 
  • Bookmarks 
  • Plates
  • Books etc

In general, sublimation by using iron is a bad idea because we can not sublimate large objects by using iron. If it is for business, choose a heat press to save more time in transferring design.

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Types Of Household Iron :

There are two types of heat press 

  • Steam Iron
  • Flat Iron

Which Material Is Used To Sublimate A T-Shirt?

It is necessary to have these items;

  • Sublimation printer 
  • Protective paper 
  • Heat resistant tape 
  • Protective mat
  • Household iron 
  • Scissors

How To Apply Sublimation Transfers With Iron (Steps Of Process );

Here we have taken a t-shirt, but you can sublimate your desired product by following the same process.

  1. Designing (By Using Software)
  2. Printing Image ( Sublimation Printer)
  3. Pressing T-Shirt 
  4. Use Of Household Iron

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Firstly you need to create your design. Nowadays, it is easier to create a design because of the internet. Software programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, Serif affinity, and Gimp can modify your photos and graphics because they are much more user-friendly than other products on the market. You can also search for an image from google or Pinterest.


A sublimation printer is used if a high-resolution picture is required.  Sublimation paper is used to print images and designs. 

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Set The T-Shirt

When the printing is completed, the fabric, such as a shirt, must be pressed until wrinkles and moisturizers are removed.
Place the printed image on the t-shirt, and attach the paper with the tape to prevent it from moving during the process.

Press Using Household Iron

Set the flat iron to maximum heat and make sure to remove the steam option; if you are using a flat iron, then this is not necessarily. Place the design on a flat surface of iron where there are no holes.

how to apply sublimation with iron

The Final Result

While ironing the design, hold the iron for a few seconds to melt the adhesive and ensure the design is appropriately applied.

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