How To Sublimate A Phone Case: Tips And Tricks

Are you a smartphone user and want to make your smartphone cover more stylish and unique with your custom design? Why not apply sublimation to your phone case cover? 

You can sublimate a phone case in many ways, and especially now, with the use of technology, it is not as expensive and complicated as before. Here you will find out how to sublimate your very own custom phone case without breaking the bank or spending all your time.

So without further ado, here we go!

Why Should I Sublimate A Phone Case?

Creating your custom phone case is a fun way to make your phone stand out from the rest. Not only that, but it will show off your personality and interests in a brand new way. It is best to sublimate a phone case because:

  • Phonecase will protect your phone from damage. 
  • It will look attractive and appealing
  • You can start a photo case sublimation business as well.
  • A customized phone case is an excellent gift for loved ones.

How To Choose The Right Material For Your Case

If you select the right phone case for your phone, you will be able to sublimate quickly. One of the factors to look at when choosing a phone case is its material. Phone cases can be made from a variety of materials. 

If you want to sublimate a good phone case, it is crucial for you to make sure that you are getting the right case material. 

Plastic And Rubber Cases

Plastic and rubber cases are ubiquitous in the market today. It is because they are trendy and easy to find. The other reason they are so popular is that they are durable and long-lasting. Plastic and rubber cases can last for years if they are well taken care of. Anyone can use these cases, no matter what age they are. If you are looking for a durable case that will last, plastic and rubber cases should be your first choice.

Silicone Case

One of the most popular kinds of cases is the silicone case. Silicone cases are very soft and flexible and easy to sublimate. It has a rubbery feel to it and is smooth to touch. The silicone case can be used for many purposes because it can easily stretch without tearing or cracking. It can even fit snugly on your phone, so there will be no room for your phone to slide around.

It can even be used for things like playing sports, especially if you are a person who loves to play basketball or tennis. In addition, it is not as hard as other cases, so it will be easier for you to hold on to your phone when it is in the case.

The silicone case also protects your phone from scratches and dents because of its soft texture. If you have a glass screen protector on your phone, the silicone case will protect it from scratches.

How To Choose The Right Design Template

Consider The Style Of The Case

Sublimating your own phone case is easy peasy, especially if you have an idea of what kind of design you want to create. 

You need to choose a template for your phone case that will fit your style. This means you need to know what kind of design you want for your phone.

You need to note that the case will make your phone look more attractive. You need to know that the design of your phone can make people notice it from afar. Likewise, you need to take into account the colour of the case.

What Do You Need To Sublimate A Phone Case: Materials to be used

1. Sublimation phone case (non-transparent material, it should be white or dark grey)

2. Spray fixer for sublimation (If you can’t find a spray fixer for sublimation, you can use hair spray to make the print on the phone case last longer.)

3. Sublimation Inkjet printer and ink cartridge(any color is ok, but light colors like red and yellow are not recommended, It is recommended to use sublimation ink and paper)

4. Thin brush or paper towel to clean the printer’s nozzle.

5. Dry towel to wipe off the dust from the phone case after printing.

6. Hot air gun(or hairdryer) to heat the case before applying transfer paper.

7. Scissors to cut out the pattern and transfer paper.

8. heat press machine to transfer design.

How To Sublimate A Phone Case- 5 Easily Steps

1. Print out the selected pattern on the special release paper and cut it out with scissors.

2. Spray the fixer on the phone case(the case should be dry, do not spray the fixer on the wet or damp case) and wipe off the extra fixer with a thin brush or paper towel. Wait for 5 minutes until the case is completely dry.

3. Place the pattern face down on the phone case and rub it firmly with your fingers to ensure that the pattern sticks to the case.

4. In order for the designs to adhere perfectly to phone cases, you will need a heat press machine. Place your phone case in the heat press machine, and adjust the heat and pressure. Make sure you heat the phone case for a few minutes depending on the color and type of phone cover.

5. Wait for it to cool down a bit. Then, Peel off the paper, and you’re done!

How To Make Sure Your Sublimated Phone Case Will Last Long! (Tips On Avoiding Bubbles)

  • Always print with a sublimation printer (compatible with sublimation paper and sublimation ink)
  • Don’t use third-party ink or low-quality paper to avoid, as it may result in blurred images or get messy upon heating.
  • Adjust the time, temperature, and pressure of your heat press as per the material and color of the phone case.
  • Don’t directly apply the heat on transfer paper; always protect it with Teflon paper
  • Before applying the transfer paper, heat the case with a hairdryer or hot air gun to avoid bubbles on the case.
  • Always remove the dust from the phone case before applying sublimation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

For optimum results, press the case for 1- 2 min at least! Alternatively, set the pressure and temperature according to the press instructions. We recommend using our Custom Heat Presses for pressing the cases.

Yes! Why not? You can use an iron for sublimation phone cases. The only thing you need to do is place a piece of cloth between the phone and the case before heating it with a regular iron. 

Yes, we do recommend using sublimation ink for phone cases. It is a high-quality and bright ink that will not fade or crack over time.

To wrap things up!

We hope you will take some time on this blog to experiment with the different methods we outlined in our DIY phone case sublimation tutorial. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment at the end of this article or drop us a line through our website. We’ll be sure to respond quickly!

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