How To Sublimate Hoodies- Step By Step Guidelines

Custom design hoodies are currently one of several hottest fashion trends. You should confess that if you just saw a hoodie with sublimated prints, you were a little taken aback. Custom Hoodies have found their way into a variety of industries, including sports teams, significant organizations, and are sometimes utilized as a canvas for painting your creative ideas. Do you really want to figure out how to sublimate hoodies with your own custom prints?

Then you are at the right place! 

It might be difficult for you to sublimate your hoodie with colorful, brilliant, and sharp graphics at first.  But this article will take you through the basics of the sublimation technique and easy peasy steps to get the best possible results while sublimating hoodies.

What is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation printing is a technique which uses ink & heat to apply a design onto a cloth or material. It can be applied to almost any fabric both cotton and polyester, without causing damage to the material. 
 It’s nowhere: the piece you’ve been waiting for!   We’ll show you how to print sublimation designs on your hoodies in great quality. We’ll go over what to assume for each stage of production & provide some pointers to make things run more smoothly. Let’s get this timing right!

Hoodie Sublimation: A Simple Guide to the Procedure

Sublimation on Outerwear requires certain equipment. If you are already in the sublimation printing you most likely already have all of the materials at home that we have listed below. We’ve also included some tips that may assist you with this work.

Sublimation Printer:

Sublimation printers are necessary if you want to print your design to the special paper using sublimation ink. If you are new to the business you might think it is expensive to buy such a printer, but luckily we have listed down a less expensive sublimation printer in 2022 that is worth checking.

Sublimation Paper and Inks:

Make sure they’re using speciality paper with sublimation ink instead of ordinary paper and ink to get the best possible results. Because sublimation papers and ink are specially designed to resist heat and pressure. Furthermore, they are more durable and help to produce quality designs with vibrant colors. 

Cutting Machine for Vinyl / Scissor:

Cutting machine is not essential, but it is recommended if you wish to save time and effort by counter-cutting. 

Heat Press:

For transferring print onto the material you will need a heat press machine. You can also use any iron-on material (like iron press or regular household iron), but by using heat press you will have an even press and the sublimated design came out even more clean and vibrant. 

The step by step process to sublimate hoodies:

Step 1: 

Simply design the graphic and print it onto heat exchange paper using only a sublimation printer.

Step 2: 

Set the print as well as the material in a heat press which has been preheated to around 400 degrees. The sublimation ink transforms from solids to a gaseous ink during this process, then penetrates, becoming a part of your cloth. Or using an iron, apply heat to the paper and apply the design to the hoodie.

Step 3: 

Washing, drying, and other care recommendations should be followed.

Hoodie Sublimation’s Advantages

  • Using sublimation on a hoodie is advantageous for producing high-quality personalised T-shirts and clothing at wholesale prices. 
  • You can print any type of image, pattern, or photo directly onto cotton, woollen, or polyester fabrics without compromising on quality. 
  • Another advantage of this technique is that it will not require any screen or pad printing.
  • Furthermore, it causes no damage to clothes, unlike chemical substances like inks used in traditional procedures, which may cause skin irritation if worn for an extended period.
  • The hoodie printing technique is far more efficient than any other method. You can choose from a variety of textiles or garments, such as silkscreen stamping on a shirt, cotton jersey, and so on.
  •  We would argue that this printing on hoodie procedure gives you such a lot of advantages while also being quite economical.


We truly hope that after reading this article you can now sublimate your hoodies with custom designs.  If you still have any further queries or want to share your suggestion, do let us know in the comment box below. Thank you for reading!

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