Laser vs Inkjet Printer Comparison

Which is the best printer that one should buy from the market, laser or inkjet printer? The answer to this simple question is, given below thoroughly. There are many types of printers in the market offering incredible features. First of all you should know that what is the major difference between these laser and inkjet printers?

Laser printer:

Basically, a laser printer uses toner to produce text or image. These printers are fast in speed and usually larger than their counterpart inkjet printers. The high speed and volume of laser printers make them the preferred choice for large companies and busy offices. They also have advanced security features, extra or larger trays with more capacity and large replacement supply yields which make them more suitable for large businesses.

Inkjet printer:

A dye or pigment-based ink is used in inkjet printers instead. They are more suitable for the people who want high resolution results and print mostly a large number of graphics. Mostly, people buy inkjet for home, home office, school and small offices where they print image abundant documents.

Laser vs Inkjet printer: Basic difference in printing technology

laser vs inkjet printer

Although both laser and inkjet printers give sharp, crisp prints of text and image yet there is a lot of difference between their technologies.

  • Laser printer: Rather than dyes or pigments, laser printers use toner powder. In laser printers, the toner powder is attracted by electrostatically charged dots on a drum. Heat is applied to the paper to fix the toner once it has been transferred to it. This results in crisp black and white prints and vivid color prints.
  • Inkjet printers:  A printer with inkjet technology uses tiny droplets of ink to saturate the paper.  If you require high-resolution photos, graphics, or images in your documents, this method lends itself well to brightly colored images.

Laser vs Inkjet printer: Key factors to consider

If you want to decide between laser and inkjet printer these factors will help you a lot to choose the best suitable printer for you:

Print speed and volume:

If you need a printer with fast speed and a capacity to print in bulks for your large business or office, laser printer will be the best choice for you. In contrast, if you need a printer for small volume of printing at home or small office inkjet will be enough to fulfill your needs.


Laser printers mostly have high prices than inkjet printers. If you don’t need copy, fax or scan laser printers provide a wide range of options. Inkjet are comparatively less expensive to buy but with the passage of time laser printers prove more cost effective.

Color or black and white printing:

 If you need color printing both laser and inkjet printers provide rich and vivid color print with high resolution. But if you want only black and white printing the laser printer are best at it especially a monochrome laser printer will be the best choice.


Although the laser printers struggle to print in color or black-and-white, inkjet printers excel at producing high-resolution color prints. You can print clear, crisp text, as well as vivid colors and graphics that are appropriate for business documents, with both inkjet and laser printers. A borderless (edge-to-edge) print can also be achieved with inkjet printers.


Although, the printers are available in a range of sizes but mostly the laser printers are large in size and heavy in weight. If you have a small space to put printer then inkjet will be the best choice for you because inkjet are small in size.


As in the light of above mentioned facts and features you must have realized that both laser and inkjet printers have their own qualities. It only depends upon your work demands that which printer best suits you.

If you need a printer for graphics, with small printing volume and smaller in size, then inkjet printer will be best suitable for you, but if you need monochromatic, fast printing in high volume you should obviously go for laser printers.

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