What is the best Epson Ecotank printer for Sublimation?

Printing an image using sublimation involves printing it on special sublimation paper and then transferring it to other objects like shirts, mugs, bags, cushions, etc. with the help of heat. It needs special ink to sublimate.

There are a few sublimation printers available in the market that’s why people mostly purchase ordinary inkjet printers and use them for sublimation. But not all inkjet printers give the best result for sublimation that is why we choose Epson Ecotank printers which give high-quality sublimation printing. 

Why to Choose Epson Printer?

Epson printers will give you high quality output at incredible speed, allowing you to print everything you need. 

Print heads with PrecisionCore® Next-generation technology

PrecisionCore is a new printing technology offered by selected Epson printer models, achieving astonishing precision by printing up to 40 million dots per seconds with impressive speed.  Compared to laser printing, PrecisionCore offers better quality.

MicroPiezo® advanced technology

Micropiezo technology is another important feature that Epson has introduced in its new models to deliver vivid colors and laser-sharp text

Using MicroPiezo print heads, high image quality is ensured through crisp, accurate placement of ink. Moreover, fast printing speeds deliver laser quality text quickly. Since MicroPiezo technology doesn’t use heat, it’s durable and suitable for use with many different kinds of inks to print crisp, clear images.

Say Goodbye to paper jams

While you are using epson printers you dont need to worry about the paper jams as because Because Epson printers use the best paper for specialty papers, which eliminates dust and curl, reducing the likelihood of paper jamming. Also, Epson paper is effortlessly cut for smooth edges for consistently hassle-free, jam-free printing. 

Outstanding photo quality

Epson printers produce lifelike images every time, which does not happen with other printers. Epson is the best choice for sublimation printing due to its consistent high-quality images, even skin tones, and smooth gradation.

Enhance photos easily

It is easy to recreate old photos into striking new ones with Epson’s advanced photo enhancement and red-eye removal features. With just a tap of a button, you can restore your old photos to their original splendor.

Ultra-slim and ultra-powerful

Both small and large offices can take advantage of Epson’s wide range of printer options. All-in-one Epson printers provide high quality and features in a compact design that is perfect for homes and offices at the same time. While Epson business printers provide large, high-quality prints at an affordable price.

Exceptional print versatility

Epson printer drivers allow you to choose different resolutions, paper types, and printing modes for all your printing needs.

Top Epson Ecotank Sublimation Printers Comparison

  1. Epson Ecotank et- 2750  AIO wireless inkjet printer 
  2. Epson Ecotank et- 3760 inkjet dye sublimation printer
  3. Epson Ecotank Et- 4760 all in one sublimation printer
  4. Epson Workforce WF- 7710 sublimation printer for home and office 
  5. Epson Workforce WF- 7720 sublimation printer for office

Epson Ecotank Et- 2750 Multifunctional Wireless Inkjet Printer

Epson Ecotank et-2750 is one of the best Epson series sublimation printer which provides best quality sublimation printing alongwith the quality of refiling the ink tank and comes with an ink box which can be used for upto 2 years.

It provides high quality sublimation printing but it is necessary to use only Epson ink. With ethernet and WiFi connectivity its portable devices are smartphones, laptops and pc. Due to low cost refillable replacement bottles you can save up to 80% cost with it, so it is the most cost effective printer. 

Epson Ecotank Et-3760 Inkjet Dye Sublimation Printer

Epson Ecotank ET-3760 is another high quality sublimation inkjet printer with connectivity of WiFi, ethernet and USB. With its high quality printing, it can produce a shrp text print and high resolution photoes on any paper type.

Due to refillable Epson ink bottles you have no need to worry about cartridges and you can save up to 90% with these bottles. Due to its high quality, fast printing and easy to use technology it is the best sublimation printer for your office and home.

Epson Ecotank Et- 4760 All In One Sublimation Printer

With an innovative hands-free, voice activated technology Epson Ecotank Et-4760 is another sublimation inkjet printer with extremely high speed and core quality color printing. It has ethernet and WiFi connectivity to give us many options for printing.

With its 2.4 inches color screen it has easy printing and navigation. With cartridge free technology you can save up to 90% with refillable replacement Epson ink tanks. It is best for home and office use with high resolution color printing.

Epson Workforce Wf-7710 Sublimation Printer For Home And Office

Here is another fantastic option from Epson which is Workforce WF-7710 printer which can print, copy, scan and fax with auto duplex printing quality. It is best for home and office use with fast Wifi, Ethernet and USB connectivity with portable devices ipad, iphone, Android tablets and smartphones.

It can print at a high speed with high resolution precisioncore color printing technology and have a 4.3 inches color touch screen. 

Epson Workforce Wf-7720 Sublimation Printer For Office

Epson Workforce WF-7720 is a wonderful sublimation inkjet printer of workforce series. With its extremely high speed it is best for office use. In comparison with color laser printers it uses 80% less power which makes it more economical.

With 4.3 inches intuitive touch screen it has easy navigation and control and has ultimate wireless printing with wifi direct, ethernet and NFC. It has auto duplex printing and with precision core technology you can get a performance beyond laser.


In this modern era sublimation printing has become very common and is trending everwhere in the world. So printer should be of good quality to give precise color prints, that is why we have selected Epson Ecotank best sublimation printers. You can choose anyone of above mentioned printers to fulfil your needs.  

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