What is the Best Sublimation Printer For T-Shirts?

Sublimation printing is the most popular printing technique that is used by the majority of the printing industry due to its high quality and ability to print on various types of materials. It is becoming a popular trend in the printing industry because of the high variety of features it provides and it is used by various business sectors. It is a simple and cost-effective printing solution that is eco-friendly.

Nowadays, t-shirt printing is in because it gives you a customized look and an opportunity to express yourself creatively. Due to this trend, sublimation is also at its peak in the market. If you have decided to go into this business the first question that comes to your mind is “what is the best sublimation printer for t-shirts?”. To find the best answer to your question is to know the basic features and needs of your business. The success of this business is dependent on your ideas and also their beautiful execution.

Features For T-Shirts Sublimation Printer

The quality of the T-shirt printing varies in shapes and sizes but before making any choice of printer for your business you must need to know which materials could be printed easily and what method of printing is being used in the system. The maintenance cost of the printer should be low. Considering these things you must keep the following points in mind before selecting one.

Print Size:
Before buying any printer it is advised to check the printing size because some printers don’t have the ability to print on the edges. All printers are designed with the capability to print on different fabrics with different sizes of images. For example, if your desired size is 11″ x 17″ you need to buy a printer of 12″ x 18″. Don’t forget to check the list of Best sublimation printer for beginners 2023

Highest Resolution of Printer
The resolution of the printer is an important factor because the image quality is going to transfer on t-shirts depending on the high resolution. The high resolution of the printer will make your design and details awesome. The resolution of the print image is measured in dots per inch. Moreover, complex designs or more detailed designs need a higher resolution printer for good results. In other words, small images need higher resolution and large designs need low resolution.

Different connection types are offered with printers. Wireless printers with several connections save money and resources. Quality printers offered both wired and wireless connections for better working.

Printing Speed
In order to grow your T-shirt business, you need a printer that can handle a large number of orders in a short amount of time. For side business or personal use speed can be compromised because high-resolution printer usually prints at low speed. For commercial purposes, speed is considered an important factor because it affects your business growth.

Variety of Ink-colors
A large number of colors are produced by mixing base colors in sublimation printers. Some printers use 4 base ink colors and some use 8 ink colors for high-resolution pictures.


Sublimation printers are great for fast t-shirt printing. They are actually a dry process that utilizes heat, pressure, and a special polymer to print on fabrics. The sublimation process allows for high-resolution, quality prints that are durable. In addition to t-shirts, sublimation printers can also print on caps, bags, mugs, toys, and more.

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