Which Epson Printer is Best for Sublimation?

Sublimation on different materials is a modern way to express yourself in front of your family and friends. Whatever you think or feel about something or someone, sublimation printing lets you experience it in new ways. Whenever you think about printing the question that which Epson printer is best for sublimation? comes in your mind. Here is the detailed solution to the question.

Why is a sublimation printer necessary?

Sublimation printing is a printing process used for images and patterns. In sublimation printing, the dyes used in the underlayer transfer to the top layer. The result is the printed image on the top layer, but there is no ink on the top layer, just the dye. Sublimation printers are the main components of the sublimation process. They turn your imagination into reality with your favorite materials. As the trend of sublimation grows, many companies are competing for business in this industry. But among all of them, Epson is most popular.

What is special about Epson Printer?

Launched in 1983, Epson is a multinational corporation that can be traced back to Japan and is involved in a variety of industries such as the production of printers in the information technology sector. Epson’s sublimation printers are quite popular among the fashion industry. They are used to print t-shirts, bags, tote bags, and other high-quality items with unique designs. Also, the Epson printer is quite cheap, so you can easily start a t-shirt shop for a very affordable price. If you don’t know much about sublimation printers, and which Epson printer is best for sublimation? here’s a blog that will provide all the information you need about Epson printers.

What to look for when choosing Epson Printer?

Even though Epson is a known name in the printing industry, it is important to keep some things in mind before choosing one of its products.

  1. Easy Ink filling Process

For beginners, it is important that the ink filling process should be easy. Epson printers are designed with large reservoirs that are easy to fill. You can fill them with the help of a syringe or a squirt of ink bottle using them carefully. They are large in size so you don’t need to refill reservoirs again and again.

  1. Print Size

Epson series has printers with maximum print width. The model of Epson WF-7820 has an incredible print width of 13-inches at a low price compared to competitors.

  1. Accurate Print Colour

Just like how all of the best printers can print in great color when adding a solid kickstand or case and high-quality paper, it’s crucial that your monitor is also calibrated to match these properties. Otherwise, your prints may turn out bland and washed out.

  1. Quality for the price

When choosing a printer, it can be easy to focus on the very cheapest machine but you need to keep in mind that these tend to mean that they use expensive ink and/or are unreliable. Generally speaking, low-cost printers will also take quite a long time to set up and you may need to buy special inks from the company themselves.

  1. Quality of Print

The two most important factors when shopping for a sublimation printer are print quality and price. Of all the things you need, high-quality prints make a huge difference. It’s cheaper to opt for with a lower-quality printer in the short term, but having spotty images or images that aren’t meant to be the greatest quality does not convey professionalism, which is what you want from your business.

  1. Running Cost

The cost of running a business can be the biggest problem down the line, especially if you are printing on a regular basis. If you want to opt-out of overspending on your print jobs, consider using printers with refillable Super Tanks instead of purchasing new cartridges. It’s way easier and more economical to keep your printer going without running out of ink.

Top Best Epson Sublimation Printers

I would consider it unfair if we only take the best Epson printer as a single choice, Epson has a number of top notch models for sublimation , these are just a few of them.

Why Epson Is Better than Sawgrass?

Sawgrass printers are excellent machines, but if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money on ink, a better option is an Epson printer. Epson printers are one of the most popular choices on the market and are far more versatile with their ink choices. While Epson does make some higher-end sublimation printers, their most affordable models come with four ink cartridges – one for each color (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black). This means that you can use regular Epson cartridges, or buy cheap generic cartridges from other companies. Sawgrass cannot do this, since they only offer their sublimation ink, and it is not readily available for third-party companies.

Final words

Epson printers are the best possible choice to start a new business. These have the ability to print from the lowest form(card printing) to the highest form( printing on fabrics).
So you can do research before making any buying decision for the business. You just need to find out your business needs and search the products accordingly.

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